Vehicle Registration

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with all your personal and commercial vehicle registrations. We specialize in commercial licensing such as permanent fleet and Alberta prorate.

Passenger Registration:

A vehicle being used for personal use, not for the purposes of commercial

Commercial Registration:

A vehicle being used for commercial purposes, examples are, but are not limited to: transporting goods, tools, equipment or passengers

You will need to answer the following questions when registering a commercial vehicle to ensure you are given the correct plate.

  1. Are you hauling your/the company’s own goods or someone else’s goods?
  2. Are you hauling within the city (10km from the city’s limits) or within the province?
  3. What is the maximum gross vehicle weight in kilograms including the vehicle and what you are hauling?
  4. What kind of goods will you be hauling (e.g. exempted goods or non-exempted goods)?

You will be required to present at the time of service your safety fitness certificate for any vehicle being registered for 11,794kg and greater. If registering a vehicle with this weight amount for the first time, we will issue you a 60 day temporary safety fitness certificate. In addition, it will be necessary for you to complete a mandatory application for a permanent safety fitness certificate.

Registering a New Vehicle

To register a brand new vehicle you will be required to present proof of ownership, valid Alberta insurance and an original NVIS (New Vehicle Information Sheet) or a copy of the original factory invoice.

Registering a Used Vehicle

To register a used vehicle that was last registered in the province of Alberta, you will be required to present proof of ownership and valid Alberta insurance.

Out-of-Province Vehicles

To register an out-of-province vehicle, you will need to produce proof of ownership, valid Alberta insurance and an out-of-province vehicle inspection.

Out-of-Province Request Forms

To obtain a request for out-of-province inspection forms, you will be required to have a copy of your proof of ownership documents.

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